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InMyBar Version 1.2.0 Now Available

InMyBar Version 1.2.0 is now available for download from the iTunes App Store. The new release offers many new features including:


Social Media Integration - You can now post your favorite recipes to Facebook, Twitter or send them in an email. Press the icon at the top of any drink and share it with family and friends.

Football themed drink recipes - Just in time for the start of football season, we've added a cocktail for every professional football team. Try out these fun drinks while cheering on your favorite team.

Ingredient View filter - This feature allows you to change the All Ingredients view to show only items of a specific category. Press the "View by Category" button at the bottom of the view and you can select a specific category (e.g. Mixers, Juices, Fruits and Vegetables, etc.).

Drink View filter - This feature allows you change the All Drinks view and What Can I Make List to show only drinks of a specific type. Press the "View by Type" button at the bottom of the view and you can select a specific type (e.g. Martinis, Shots, Cocktails, etc.).

Add to Bar from an Ingredient Detail Form - THIS ONE IS BIG! - An ingredient can be added to your MyBar What Do I Have list directly from an ingredient detail form. Used in conjunction with the new Ingredients "View by Category" button, this feature can really help you find those illusive ingredients (mixers, beer, wine, fruits, vegetables, juices, and spices) you probably have and didn't realize. Add them to your bar profile and you will be amazed how many more drinks you can make.

Pick or Shake for a Random Drink - The All Drinks view and the What Can I Make List have the ability to select a random drink. Press the dice and a random drink from the list will be displayed. The sound of dice also will be heard as the drink is selected. You can now let fate decide a drink for you or your friends.

Show Needed Ingredients in Red - When this option is turned on, all drinks will show missing ingredients and their generic substitutions in red similar to the "What Do I Need" list. Press More... and select InMyBar Settings to enable this new feature.

Ingredient and Drink Updates

- Added 38 professional football themed drinks
- Added 30 non-alcoholic drinks
- Added 16 additional new drinks including two Ciroc Vodka drinks, Negroni #2 (with Vodka), Negrosky and a Black-Eyed Susan
- Removed Water as a required ingredient from 15 drinks since it should be readily available (for those not in the middle of the Kalahari Desert)
- Added 13 new ingredients including 9 brands of Bitters, Captain Morgan Black Label, Smirnoff North and Templeton Rye Whiskey

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