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InMyBar Version 1.1.0 Now Available

Just in time for the 4th of July Weekend, Version 1.1.0 of InMyBar is now available with new drinks, ingredients and features.


Enjoy the holiday weekend with the following new features:

★ Added 120 new Drink recipes
★ Added 50 new Ingredients
★ Added the ability to clone drink recipes (dupe and edit) so you can copy, rename and edit your your own version of a drink
★ Ingredients can be searched for drinks that contain them (for example, find the six drinks you can make with that bottle of Drambuie you have or the 15 drinks that use Galliano)
★ Updated the Add your own Drinks and Ingredients feature to make it easier to add them
★ Updated many of the generic ingredient images
★ Adjusted the order ingredients display in all drink views to match their actual order in the drink
★ Minor speed and memory enhancements
★ Added an update feature so that customizations made by customers in the previous release are brought over the new release (Custom Drinks added, Ingredients added, Bar Profiles created, Ingredients added to Bar Profiles, etc.)

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