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How To Create a New Ingredient

So you finally found an ingredient that you want or need that was not in our database. InMyBar offers you the ability to add your own ingredients to the available list of all ingredients.

To add an ingredient, use the bottom navigation bar and select the “Ingredients” tab. This brings you to the view of all ingredients in the application's database. In the top right hand corner of the title area you will see a button that looks like a plus sign (the iPhone standard add button), press this button to add the new ingredient.

You will be presented with a new entry dialog for the ingredient. Touch inside the text box that currently reads “Enter Name” in order to bring up a keyboard for text entry. Type the name of the ingredient you are adding (typically as seen on the packaging of the ingredient). You will see two buttons in the title are, cancel and save.

Selecting cancel will dismiss the addition screen and return you to the view of all ingredients.
Selecting save will save the new ingredient to the database and bring the new ingredient detail up for viewing and editing.

When the new ingredient is displayed to you, it is in view mode with only its title set. To set the other fields of information about your ingredient to what you desire, locate and press the “edit” button which can be found in the upper right hand corner of your screen in the title area. This will put the ingredient into edit mode where you can then make all of your desired changes.

Choosing a Photo
One of the great things about InMyBar is that all drinks and ingredients come with a picture, so with that we also allow you to select a picture stored on your device or from your camera (if available on your device). To set a picture for your ingredient, in edit mode select the area that displays the picture. If no previous image was set you will see a button that says “Choose Photo”, otherwise you will see the previous image darkened. Selecting this will bring up the standard iPhone image selector, from it select the image you would like to use to store it in the ingredient. You can change the image as many times as you would like while editing.

Editing the name and details
Selecting the name or detail fields while in edit mode will bring up a new screen that has the information in an editable field so you can change the contents. When finished select save to accept the changes to the field, or cancel to ignore them. You then be returned to the ingredient detail.

Changing Generic Name, Type and Category
These three fields unlike the others are not text fields but lookups to predefined objects that help describe your ingredient.

  • Generic Name: The general style of the ingredient, IE Patron = tequila, Absolut Vodka = vodka.
  • Type: The general style of the ingredient (not required).
  • Category: The classification of the ingredient IE mixer, garnish,etc.

Editing the Description

Selecting this information to edit will bring up a new screen that has an area to enter an expanded description of your ingredient. There is no limit to the text that can be entered, however it is advisable to keep it fairly small with only needed information for a quick reference.

Once all information has been modified and you are finished, press the “done” button that replaced “edit” in the top right hand corner.

Please note that there is no “cancel” button on an ingredient or drink main detail definition. This is by design to ensure changes are saved should you navigate to another screen or application and inMyBar becomes inactive. When changing information always keep this in mind and only commit the changes to information you really want to change in the sections described above.

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