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How to Create a New Drink

So you finally found an drink that you want or need that was not in our database. InMyBar offers you the ability to add your own custom drinks to the available list of all drinks.

To add an drink, use the bottom navigation bar and select the “Drinks” tab. This brings you to the view of all drinks in the application’s database. In the top right hand corner of the title area you will see a button that looks like a plus sign (the iPhone standard add button), press this button to add the new drink.

You will be presented with a new entry dialog for the drink. Touch inside the text box that currently reads “Enter Name” in order to bring up a keyboard for text entry. Type the name of the drink you are adding. You will see two buttons in the title are, cancel and save.

  • Selecting cancel will dismiss the addition screen and return you to the view of all drinks.
  • Selecting save will save the new drink to the database and bring the new drink detail up for viewing and editing.

When the new drink is displayed to you, it is in view mode with only its title set. To set the other fields of information about your drink to what you desire as well as adding ingredients, locate and press the “edit” button which can be found in the upper right hand corner of your screen in the title area. This will put the drink into edit mode where you can then make all of your desired changes.

Choosing a Photo

One of the great things about InMyBar is that all drinks and ingredients come with a picture, so with that we also allow you to select a picture stored on your device or from your camera (if available on your device). To set a picture for your drink, in edit mode select the area that displays the picture. If no previous image was set you will see a button that says “Choose Photo”, otherwise you will see the previous image darkened. Selecting this will bring up the standard iPhone image selector, from it select the image you would like to use to store it in the drink. You can change the image as many times as you would like while editing.

Editing the name

Selecting the name field while in edit mode will bring up a new screen that has the information in an editable field so you can change the contents. When finished select save to accept the changes to the field, or cancel to ignore them. You then be returned to the drink detail.

Adding Ingredients

Arguably the most important part of this view, this is where you add exactly what ingredients and their proportions to your drink. You can do three things in this section while in edit mode.

  • Add an Ingredient: This option is always at the bottom of any ingredients already added to the drink, it brings up a new “Drink Ingredient” interface that allows to you pick exactly what you are looking for. The interface is described later in this section.
  • Delete an Ingredient: ingredients that have already been added to the drink show up in this section with a red “minus” icon to the left. Selecting this in edit mode will allow you to remove it from the drink.
  • Change Position: Order sometimes matters, so if you find you would like to re-arrange the ingredients in a particular order, simply drag the ingredient from the far right icon in its row and then drag it up or down the list to see it change.

When you add or select an ingredient while in edit mode, you are taken to a new screen that lists the specifics of the ingredient for that drink. The very first choice you make is if this ingredient is a “premium” or a “generic” ingredient. Changing the indicator switch at the very top will influence what kind of ingredient selection is displayed to you after the first three fields for amounts.

Premium Ingredient
A premium ingredient is one in which you expect an exact type and brand of ingredient to be used. When selecting a premium ingredient you are given a field that displays the ingredient you currently have selected. Pressing this section in edit mode will bring up a list of all ingredients currently in the application for you to select, it is much like the screen to add an ingredient to a bar and supports search. Upon selecting your ingredient you are returned to the previous screen (you can only select one at a time here).
After selecting the ingredient, you can also choose if this can be substituted for another similar ingredient if this one is not available. The default for this is not to allow the substitution, however we advise that whenever possible you enable this option to allow for more results in your bars available list.

Generic Ingredient
A generic ingredient is one in which the brand of the ingredient generally does not matter. Such an example is in a margarita. You generally can use any type of tequila, so instead of enforcing a specific type for the sake of doing so and allowing substitutions, this generic screen allows you to simply select the type of ingredient desired.
Selecting the amounts

The drink ingredient detail has three fields before the ingredient selection that determine the quantities of the selected ingredient, they are:

  • Amount: The measurement count of the ingredient to add.
  • Unit of Measurement: The units of measure that the amount field references.
  • Optional: If this is required to make the drink (missing optional drinks do not keep a drink from displaying in the “What Can I Make” list).

Once all information on the drink ingredient view is finished, Choose the save option to commit the changes back to the drink form, or cancel to discard them.

Mix Instructions

This section of the drink is where you define how to actually make the drink with what you have listed above in the ingredients section. It contains three fields:

  • Type: define if this is a shot, bomb, cocktail, etc.
  • Serve In: The type of glass to generally use, pressing this will bring up a list of options with pictures.
  • Instructions: The text to explain how to mix everything together, here is your place to be thurough.

Once you have added all of your ingredients and added your instructions, press the “done” button in the upper right corner of your screen to save the changes and return to the drinks view mode.

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