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How to Add and Remove Ingredients in Your Bar

Adding Ingredients

Adding ingredients to your bar profiles is probably the single most important thing you will do in the application, so the ability to do so must be easy, reliable and fast. The InMyBar application lets you do this with all three of those things in mind.

To add ingredients to your bar, Select the "What do I Have?" view from the main "My Bar" screen. At the bottom of this screen there is a toolbar item that contains an add button on the right. Press this button to enter the add interface. The add interface displays all ingredients currently in your database which consist of those that came with the installation as well as any you have added since. Any Ingredients already in your bar will not be listed.

Selecting an ingredient will put a check mark to the right of it which denotes it is ready to be added to your bar. You can select as many ingredients as you wish before saving your selection, at which point actually adds those ingredients to the bar and saves it. There are two ways of locating an ingredient, gestures and search.

This is simply using your finger to move the list up and down as well as using the right side index to skip ahead in the list. This method is effective but can be time consuming for adding multiple ingredients as the list of available ingredients is very large.

This is the preferred method as it allows you to quickly go back and forth based on what you type. To use search, simply start typing what you are looking for (either the name or kind of ingredient), the list updates as you type instantly in order to get you to what you are looking for with the minimal amount of text entered. When you see what you are looking for, select it from the list which will add a check mark to it.

After Selecting an ingredient from the search you are automatically scrolled down to that ingredient in the list. The search is also reset at this point so you can immediately start searching for your next ingredient to add.

Search for as many items as you would like to add using the search interface. Once you are done either select the "Cancel" button in the search bar, or just tap anywhere on the screen if you currently do not have a search text and you will be returned to the add interface for all ingredients. If you would like you may ensure the items you added have check marks on the right. Once you are satisfied you may then select the "Save" button on the top right of your view to commit your changes.

Your ingredients view will have been updated with your additions, and the next time you go into the other views of the "My Bar" screen, their results will be updated.

Removing Ingredients

the ability to remove an ingredient is just as important as the ability to add on. Sometimes you run out of something, sometimes its gone missing, or sometimes something you bought just wasn't good !

In any case to remove an ingredient, simply select the "Edit" button from the top right of your bar ingredients view to reveal the ability to delete an ingredient. Don't worry, this does not actually delete the ingredient from the database or other bar profiles, it simply removes it from this bar profiles list of ingredients. Select the "minus" icon on the left to reveal a delete button on the right, select delete and it is gone. Repeat this as many times as you need.


Once finished, select the "Done" option that replaced the "Edit" button you used earlier in the top right to return the view to its normal state. As with adding an ingredient, the next time you use a view in the "My Bar" section, that view will be updated.

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