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Generic Ingredient Substitutions

One of the greatest challenges we believe that exists in making quality drinks is knowing when a drink recipe calls for an exact ingredient or certain brand, and when it is acceptable to substitute a similar ingredient for the same (or at least similar) results. To help identify and overcome these distinctions, InMyBar introduces the concept of Premium and Generic Ingredients.

You will notice that some recipes call out for a specific brand of ingredients and some call out for just a type. This is the distinction that makes our results so much more accurate then others. Ever try and make a "Black and Tan" or "Jack and Coke" with something other then the specific ingredients ? On the other hand, when making a "Margaritta" you can substitute virtually any tequila you would like or have available.

It is also possible that while a certain brand of ingredient is preferred for a drink, if it is not available then any ingredient of that type will suffice. InMyBar has a setting in the ingredient definition for a drink that allows for this substitution and even shows you the alternatives available as you are viewing the drink from the "My Bar" section.

All of this comes together to offer you the best drinks every time.


Multiple Bar Profiles

InMyBar was created for the iPhone which is a mobile device, so with that in mind it allows you to be just

Our application offers you the capability to manage multiple profiles or "Bar Profiles" with ease. With the ability to create an unlimited number of profiles you can create one set of ingredients for your home, one for your friends house, and one for work (for all of you mixologists out there). Switching between profiles instantly changes the list of drinks you can make to that profile and its list of ingredients.

The ability to have multiple profiles limits the amount of maintenance you have to do whenever you want an accurate list of drinks to make. Never again have to spend your time changing your ingredients back and forth instead of enjoying the party!


Clutter Free Drink Lists

Ever ask yourself how some applications tout they have a list of over 5,000 drinks ? Here at InMyBar we have and the answer is simple. Most other applications list drinks you have never even heard of, and for good reason.

Instead of cluttering our database with every drink we could get our hands on regardless of their quality or popularity, we consult multiple mixologists in vetting our lists to ensure the drinks we offer to you are the best tasting around. Each drink has specific instructions on making the drink including any difficult "gotchas" in those hard to make layered drinks as well as pictures of the end result.

Keep your application updated to get the latest and greatest drinks as we continue to search the globe for the best drinks around.


Drink and Ingredient Pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and here at InMyBar we could not agreeĀ  more!

All our drinks and ingredients have pictures that you can view at all times. No matter where you are if you see a thumbnail version of a drink or ingredient you can press that picture to display the larger version. You can even add your own images to custom drinks and ingredients as you create and edit them.

So whether you are at the store trying to decide if you are picking up the right kind of Vodka, or you are at home wondering if your attempts to make a drink have taken a turn for the worse, with InMyBar you are always one click away from peace of mind.


Help and Frequently Asked Questions

InMyBar offers both an integrated help section as well as a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

Even the best intentions sometimes are not enough, and though we try tirelessly to provide you with the easiest and most productive user interface out there, at some point you are going to ask "How do I do That?". So to help you find your answers quickly we offer both an online Help section as well as one built into the application itself. Find answers quickly in the application or go to our website for a more comprehensive description which includes pictures, either way you are sure to find what you need.

Also included in the application is a FAQ section to answer some of the most common questions we have encountered about both our application as well as mixology in general.

Both Items can be found in the last tab titled "More..." in the InMyBar application.

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