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The last option in the application views, the "More" tab allows access to utility and information views that support the application.

All Bar Profiles
Creating and switching between bar profiles is done mainly in the "My Bar" view that is accessed on the first tab of the application. This view alternatively allows for maintenance of these profiles. You can add and delete bar profiles from this view, as well as select an entry from the list to view and edit its name and generic substitution policy.

Deleted Drinks and Ingredients
As mentioned in the section on deleting drinks and ingredients, all items that came with the application are not permanently deleted. If you would like to restore a drink or ingredient you deleted you can choose the item from this view and select the "restore" button on the itemsĀ  detail view.

Frequently Asked Questions
This FAQ contains articles on some of our most common questions and answers on application functionality as well as the nature of some of our drinks and ingredients. It serves as a handy reference for both the application and mixology questions alike.

InMyBar Help
Contains help topics for common tasks in the application.

About InMyBar
Version and website information.

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