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What Do I Need

The "What Do I Need?" view is one that is unique to InMyBar. This view is used to show the most popular InMyBar drinks as well as a list of your favorite drinks that you currently can't make. The important function of this view is that it tells you "why" you can't make the drink.

As seen here, the view lists the drinks with your favorites first, followed by our popular selection of drinks and shows you in a condensed view what you have and what you are missing in red. If the condensed view is not sufficient to view all of the ingredients as is the case with complex drinks with many ingredients, simply selecting the drink in question will display the drink recipe as it does in other views, but in this view all missing ingredients are presented in red text with a warning beside them that the ingredient is currently missing from your bar.

This kind of arrangement and notification lets you easily see what you are missing, and compose shopping lists quickly so you can make the drinks you want no matter the occasion.

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