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My Bar

InMyBar was designed not only to be a great reference to search for drink recipes, but also and more importantly to be your pocket guide to maintaining an accurate list of ingredients you have fast and efficiently. Your ability to do this easily and often is key to InMyBar's ability to present you with fast and accurate results.

This goal is the driving force behind your very first screen, the "My Bar" screen. From this screen you will interact with almost every other aspect of the application, it is the screen you will use and rely on the most. This screen gives you several options for navigation, each one relying on the data of the previous item to create its contents. these options are:


What Do I Have?
The first view option in the list, this selection will take you to the view of your bar that stores the actual ingredients you have. It is the single most important screen in the application as all results of the sections that follow it depend on this list to calculate their results.

What Can i Make?
The second view option in the list, this selection will take you to the view of your bar that displays all of the drinks you can currently make with the ingredients you identified in the "What Do I Have?" section. This view will display any drinks you have marked in your favorites list first, with other drinks in the database following them.

What Do I Need?
The third and final option, this selection is unique to the InMyBar application as it contains a list of your favorite drinks as well as the top rated drinks from our database that you can not currently make, but may be close. The view displays both the ingredients you have as well as those you are missing for each drink in red. Choosing to view the actual drink recipe also shows this color scheme to clearly indicate what you are missing in a list format that makes it easy to compile shopping lists.



A unique feature to InMyBar is the ability to manage multiple locations for which you can have a totally different set of ingredients for (Home, Lake House, Work, etc.). The toolbar items near the bottom of this view allow for the quick creation of a new bar (and assigns that new bar as current) as well as allows quick switching between already defined bar profiles.

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