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Ingredients and Drinks

Both the "Ingredients" and "Drinks" tabs display the total list of the respective available ingredients or drinks. There are two main ways to navigate these views:

This method is just a fancy iPhone term for what you do with any app every day, which is to say using your fingers to drag the screen to display more information. To scroll down the list of available options simply swipe your finger up or down to move the list in that direction. You may also have noticed an alpha-numeric index on the right side that is very similar to what you see in the standard contacts application. You can use this index to skip ahead in the list by simply touching the desired letter/number, or dragging down the index to move the list as you move.



Each of the Ingredients and Drink views also come with a search bar that is located at the very beginning of the list. Using this search bar you can quickly type in a search term for a set of matching items to your search.

Searching ingredients matches your search term against any part of the ingredient name as well as the type of (Generic Name) the ingredient. For example, typing "vod" would return any ingredient with "vod" in its name as well as all ingredients whose generic name has "vod" vod in it, such as Vodka, Kurrant Vodka, etc.

Searching drinks matches your search terms against any part of the drink name only. So searching for "marg" would return results such as "Maragritta" and "Itallian Margaritta".

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